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One Bite Mozzarella Salad Appetizers

Once or twice a month my girlfriends and I get together for a “cooking club”.  (we have since conceded that it should actually just be called “eating club” because it’s not like we exchange recipes, we just get together to eat.)  I was drawing a blank as to what I was going to bring today, when at the last minute I decided to do a Mozarella Salad.

The thing is, I didn’t want to bring everything with me and assemble it there, which would mean the salad would actually look presentable, but I didn’t want to make it at home either because it would look … not pretty by the time it got there.

I decided to do these one bite appetizers instead.  I have made them before with a whole cherry and a whole mozzarella ball (Ciliegine) with a basil leaf atop each one, but it wasn’t something you could just pop into your mouth.  Plus, I wanted them to be able to stand up.

Instead I opted to half each of the main ingredients.  This is very very simple to put together, but I think it makes for a really nice presentation.  Just cut your cherry tomatoes (and you can use whatever kind.  My husband just happened to pick up the yellow ones) in half and spear the skinned side with the toothpick.  Then, place a small leaf or a portion of a larger leaf of basil on the toothpick and finish up with half of a mozzarella ball.

There are several recipes you may use for your dressing, but I am a simple girl when it comes to this combination.  I simply sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and finish up with a dash of olive oil and a good quality balsamic vinegar.  Add some basil chiffonade for garnish and extra yumminess and you are good to go!

This presentation allowed me to put the oil and vinegar on the bites while maintaining an appetizing appearance.  I do think it tastes better when you let it marinate a little.

It’s amazing to me how sometimes the most simple of flavor combinations can be the most delicious.



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Perler House Party

Man, I love House Party! Not only is it super fun to host parties with your friends, but I love that they often introduce you to new products that you may not have tried before. The Perler House Party is one such party.

I had seen these little doodads before but never really knew how much fun they were. I have to admit, I may have had as much fun as the kids did with these things.

Depending on the kit you buy, you may receive a square peg board, or a shaped one, as we did for the party. I chose to bring the craft to my Daisy Girl Scout meeting as our opening craft, where the girls were able to choose either a monkey or a lizard.

It’s super easy to put these together. You basically just put the beads on the peg board in whatever way you want, place a piece of wax paper on top, and then iron over it in small circles.

When it cools, flip it over and do the same.

The batch for the party also came with key rings which was fun. Sadly, our meeting wrapped up so quickly that I didn’t get any photos of the girls’ completed projects. Boo.

I can’t recommend this craft enough. It’s saved us many meltdowns during the super cold we had not too long ago. When the kids were pent up inside the house, this would keep them occupied for hours. Definitely check them out!  And don’t forget to check out House Party.  Let me know if you get selected for any parties, yourself!


Personalized Coasters with Your Child’s Art

This is a project that I wanted to do LAST year when everyone was on the whole “homemade coasters made with a tile” kick, but getting the girls to sit down and draw four pictures proved to be difficult.  Luckily this year their attention spans were a little more prepared to handle the task.  I used the same method of transfer as I did in the previous post with the waterslide transfer paper.  I fall more and more in love with this product every time I use it.

These coasters were made specifically for each girl’s teacher.  I have made baskets full of homemade goodies including Christmas coffee (a delicious blend that my family makes every year), sugar/cinnamon almonds, and homemade blackberry jelly.  I think the coasters will look great nestled in with all of that.

So first, I scanned each girl’s photo into the computer, and added a border on Photoshop.  Then, I printed on the waterslide paper and sprayed acrylic over it and let it dry.  Then, following the instructions from the last post, I transferred each drawing onto a plain old, white floor tile.  These were about 4.25″ square.

Once the transfers had dried, I coated each coaster with a generous coat of acrylic to seal it all in.  Then, to finish the backs, I used a roll of cork liner.  (I found mine in the shelf liner section of Home Depot).

Not being one to waste, I used a ribbon that was around the new sheets I just bought to hold the coasters together.  I fashioned the bow out of the excess.  I’m all about using what you have on hand!

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.  I think they’re adorable.  Of course, I could be bias since my kids made them.  I hope the teachers like them!


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