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Easy Barrette Holder

I know it may come to a surprise to many of you who know me, but even though I’ve raised some girly girls, I have never been a huge purveyor of barrettes.  I like them, I just don’t go out of my way to buy a matching one for every outfit.  *ahem*  You know who you are.  lol

Because we’ve just got a small amount, when I made this project I did it on a smaller scale.  However, if you are one of those who has a ton of hair barrettes for your little girl, you may choose to do it with a larger board.

I started with a smaller cork board from the dollar store as well as a small spool of ribbon from the bridal section at the dollar store.  The fabric I had on hand, but it is a small bit that I got for a dollar at Walmart a while back.

Start by popping the cork out. 

Then, cut your fabric to size.  Leave about an inch of fabric around all the edges.

Then, cut all the corners off like so.

Use some glue (I used hot glue) to secure the edges to the back.  The cut corners help to eliminate bulk in this step.

Then, lay out your ribbon in the pattern you want to find out what you like best.  You can do vertical lines, horizontal lines, criss-cross, whatever.

Turn it over and hot glue the ribbon into position on the back.  I used little dots of hot glue where the ribbon criss cross on the front just to help keep it secure.

When you’re done, replace the cork into the frame. 

I decided not to paint the frame this time (shock) but if you wanted to get creative paint the frame before you put the cork piece back in.

When you’re done, clip the barrettes onto the ribbon.  I couldn’t even find anymore barrettes than this, even though I know we have more.  Maybe this will help the girls keep their hair barrettes all in one place.  Wishful thinking. 


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