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House Party
Playstation Move

So I’ve finally had a minute to post about our Playstation Move party from House Party. What gracious hosts, they are, seriously!

I actually had to merge two of my Move parties, because of a scheduling conflict with the first one. We received tons of goodies from both Playstation and House Party including the Move Camera and 2 Controllers. (It did not come with this game, although I am SO anxious to get that one!) We also received two AWESOME games: Start the Party, which is a jam packed, super fast fun game for the whole family. The girls have REALLY enjoyed playing it.

What I love about this game is that it’s customizable. The avatars on the game use a snapshot of your face, and your voice. When it’s your turn to come up and play, it plays your recorded voice. There’s even a fun round, called the Joker Round, where the loser gets to doodle on his opponent’s face, or record a new name for another player. The kids loved that they got to goof on their friends.

The other game we received was EyePet, which is an interactive little pet for everyone to play with. The kids had a lot of fun with this game.  You get to feed, clothe, customize, and play games with your EyePet.

The girls ADORE this one. Our pet that we are currently learning with is called Mocha Chip. She’s a girl with zebra stripes and a fairy costume. We’ve just started going through the pet training, but the girls can’t wait to unlock all the cool outfits and toys for their pet to play with!

The girls invited a couple of their friends over to share in the Move experience with them. We ordered pizzas and played Start the Party together. They enjoyed coloring in their EyePet activity books and trying on the Move bracelets and various pins.

We finished out the evening watching a Blue Ray on the PS3 and having one of the girls stay over.

I have to say, I’m not a huge gamer, but I was really excited to get this party from House Party.  I love that the game gets the kids up off the couch, and is fully interactive and gets them moving.  It’s engaging enough that adults still enjoy playing with the kids, so it’s really something that your whole family can do together.  Plus, the PS3, just does SO much!  It’s not just a game system which is what I loved so much about it.  I can’t wait to stream my Netflix on it.  (Just waiting for the disc!)  You DID you know you can also store photos, music, and other things on it too, right?  And you also knew that it was a Blue Ray player too, right?  I mean, you get SO much for your money with this console.  We couldn’t be more pleased.

As always, thank you SO much, House Party and Playstation 3!!!  We really really enjoyed this party!  We can’t wait to share the experience of the Move with even more friends.


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Playstation Move”

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