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Tuesdays with Tami
Fizzy Bath Bombs

I am a bath person.  Few things are more enjoyable to me than a nice hot, aromatic bath.  Sometimes I like a candlelight bath, but most times I just like to grab a good book, and sit in there until the water gets cool.  It’s always been a great way to end the day, and head off to bed all nice and relaxed.  I know that most people prefer showers, they jump into the shower first thing in the morning, then busily head off to start their day.  I think with today’s busy lifestyles, sometimes we just need to slow down and have some quality “me” time.  My bath is just that!!

For years, I’ve made these fizzy bath bombs.  They are full of skin and water softening agents, coupled with aromatic oils, then to top it off with an ingredient that actually makes them fizz in the bathwater, makes for a very relaxing spa like experience.  I make these, but rarely get a chance to use them myself.  I like to give them as gifts, as accents in my gift baskets, or just to give to someone for no reason as all.  Today, I gave one to my massage therapist, and she was beside herself.  She said it made her day!!  One of these days I am going to make a batch strictly for myself.

Most of the ingredients you can purchase in your local grocery store, except maybe for the citric acid crystals.  I have always worked in a pharmacy, and had access to ordering it.  If your store doesn’t carry it (it’s also used in fruit preserving, so maybe you can find it), just ask your local pharmacy if they can order it for you.  Most can.  It would usually be there the next day.  This is the ingredient that makes the fizz.

The coconut oil is usually found in the nutritional area of the grocery store.  I don’t buy the most expensive, virgin kind, etc (I save that for actually consuming) but they have several different grades, so go with the cheaper one.  It’s solid at room temperature.

This particular recipe is very hard to form into a ball, but works very well put into a tiny soap mold.  While mixing this up, I even think this would do well just put into a decorative jar with a seal tight lid, and a scoop.   I will add another recipe with the same ingredients, but with different amounts below, which is very easy to shape into the shape of a ball.


1 cup citric acid crystals
1 cup baking soda
½ cup corn starch
½ cup coconut oil (or you can use any light oil)
Scented oil and coloring

Mix dry ingredients.  Melt coconut oil until liquid.  Add to dry ingredients
along with scented oil and coloring.  Mix well to incorporate.  If mixture
is too crumbly, add a light oil (sesame, etc) a TBSP at a time to the right
consistency to press compactly into a mold.  Press tight.  Put onto a sheet of foil, and dry overnight.  Wrap individually.

I use different oils for fragrance.  At our local arts and crafts store, I had previously bought soap fragrance and coloring.  It won’t stain your skin like food coloring.  Sometimes I use the ocean scented oil, other times I use eucalyptus and lavender oil.  You can add any aroma you find relaxing.  I’ve even added some of my favorite perfume.

Here is the recipe for the ones easily shaped into balls
(plus it makes a much smaller batch, using less ingredients)

2 TBSP citric acid crystals
2 TBSP cornstarch
¼ cup baking soda
3 TBSP coconut oil
¼  tsp essential oil (fragrant, sesame, etc)

Mix dry ingredients.  Mix oils.  Slowly mix together.
Shape into balls.  Dry overnight.

Tami’s Tip of the Week

Take one of your fizzy bath bombs, and place it in a drawer or linen closet (wrapped loosely, as to not get oil on anything, but enough to let the aroma free).  Your area will smell like a spa.

Fall Wreath

The other day when I hit up Hobby Lobby they had a ton of their fall stuff on sale.  Already?!  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I picked up a couple of things to make a wreath for the front door.  I love making wreaths.  They have to be the simplest way to bring in a new season or holiday.  This was no exception.

I picked out a white, wooden pumpkin and some foliage at Hob Lob, but decided to get the wreath form and leaves at the Dollar Tree, because, well, they’re a dollar there.  The whole thing cost me under $5 to make.

I used one of the wicker type forms from Dollar Tree, and found a sprig of leaves, which I removed from their stems and wove into the wicker and hot glued into place.  I painted a monogrammed H on the pumpkin after seeing a ton of monogrammed fall things at Hob Lob.  I then glued it into place and stuck in two pieces of the foliage

.  The whole thing took me MAYBE 45 minutes while I cooked dinner.  The finished product is super cute, I think!  I plan on hanging this on the front door, but for now I set it on the buffet to take photos.

*side note* Look at that vase to the right.  I got that at Salvation Army the other day for $3!!  (when I say “the other day” it could mean anywhere from yesterday to like 9 months ago, just so you know)  The apples inside were $1 at GW a while back.  I love them.

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the cooler weather that comes with fall.  Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons down here in Texas.  Not because we get a huge color change in the leaves or anything, but it’s finally cooling down enough to go back outside without sweating to death.  I enjoy the 60’s and 70’s temperature a lot.  Today it was relatively overcast and we had thunder on and off.  I love that!

Are you still clinging to summer or are you ready to move into the next season?


Ruffly Girl Blanket

When I saw the plush baby blanket over at Purple Chocolat Home, I KNEW I had to make it! It was the perfect gift for little Miss Sophie.

I finally got to work on it yesterday and am happy to share it with you!

I measured out my fabric pieces to be 45×40 inches each.  Then, I trimmed my satin to 5in strips like the tutorial said.

Then I sewed all the satin pieces end to end and ironed them in half, lengthwise.  The other tutorial didn’t iron them, but I thought it would make managing them easier.  They’re really slippery and I didn’t want the hassle.  To me the extra step was worth it.  But it also depends on the look you’re going for in the end.

Also, I actually measured out two times the perimeter of the rectangle and used that measurement for the binding.  I actually sewed the end together to eliminate having to hand sew it at the end.  (I hate hand sewing)

Then, I pinned the binding around the square on the right side of the fabric, edge facing in.  Originally I had done a basting stitch so that I could just pull it and ruffle it, but the thread I used was super light and broke, so I nixed that.

To get the binding fitted equally around all the edges, I pinned one point in the middle of one side.  Then, I found the exact middle of the other side of the binding and pinned it to the opposite side of the rectangle.  I did this for both sides.  It looked like this.

Then, since the ruffling didn’t work, I decided to make knife pleats.  Because I had already pinned the binding around evenly, I knew how much I had to work with for each section.

Here it is all the way around.

Then, I stitched around this ruffle and took all 100000000 pins out.  After that, I took the other fabric and pinned it, right sides facing, and used my serger to go around the edges, leaving about a 6 inch opening to turn the blanket inside out.  After turning, I pinned and stitched the hole shut with the sewing machine.  I suppose if you wanted, you could do it by hand, but again, I hate hand stitching, so I avoid it whenever possible.

I love it!  I can’t wait to give it to Miss Sophie when she arrives!


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Hi, I’m Autumn. Welcome to my blog! I created this website because I have always loved to make things whether it was through crafting, photographing, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, writing. You name it, I’ve tried it! The problem is, I never stick to one thing. I’m constantly jumping from one hobby to another and back again. There are just so many I enjoy that I can’t help but diversify my interests. I hope that by sharing my creativity with you you’ll be inspired to try something new. Maybe you'll find so many things you are interested in that you also become a fickle hobbyist!
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