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Tuesdays with Tami
Little Wallets

Whether you make this little wallet to help you create some order in your life, or to give as a gift, it is a hip and simple solution for anyone.  Use for everyday, or for when you travel – for quick access to your ID, business cards, and a little cash.   So cute and so functional…….imagine giving a gift card as a gift, in it’s own little wallet.

Last week I was in a craft store getting a picture framed.  While I was waiting, I was just slowly strolling through the aisles to see what they had.  I came across this table, and they had these cute little wallets on it.  They had several already made, and a pattern.

I looked the wallets over, looked the pattern over, and decided that I could make these!!   Usually, I’m not at all very good at reading patterns.  They confuse me.   But this one seemed simple enough, so I decided to buy the pattern.  I rummaged through some scrap material that I had from when I made the girls some outfits last summer.

This is the first one I whipped up.

Next stop, the fabric store.   In the quilting area, I found that they had squares of material in every imaginable print.   They were large enough for me to make 2 wallets, with a coordinating piece.

The part that always takes the longest is the cutting out of the pattern.  For this, you have to cut 2 pieces of each pattern (folding the material in half and cutting 2 pieces at the same time is the easiest).

You also have to cut a piece of interfacing (I used Décor Bond, it fuses to fabric with a quick brush of the iron, and adds body and strength to fabrics.   It stays put!!)

Next, you put the right sides of each pocket together and sew a ¼ inch seam. Press with the iron.

You then turn right side out, and press.

You then lay your main body fabric down, arrange the pockets,

then place the interfaced piece on top of that, right side in, and pin in place.

Using a ¼ inch seam, backtacking where you start and where you end, sew around the entire piece, leaving about a 1 ½ inch space open.  Trim and clip corners, and turn right side out.   At first I thought this was an impossibility.  How was I suppose to get 3 pockets and a stiff piece thru a tiny opening?  I thought I had done something wrong.  But finally, I figured out that if you brought the far corner toward the opening, you could work it inside out.  Just takes patience.  (This is why backtacking is very important).  Then you must whip stitch the opening closed.

By cutting out the pattern on two different materials, this gives you 2 wallets in contrasting patterns.

Next, you have to sew on a snap.  From here on, I am going to use a much larger snap.  I think these are too small, but they will work all right.   I just think a larger snap would work a little better.

All that’s left is to embellish with whatever you want.  You could use iron on decals, buttons, ribbons, use your imagination!!

I have a gift card I am planning on giving someone soon, and I will be giving it in one of these cute wallets.

Tami’s Tip of the Week

Keep an inexpensive magnet close to your sewing machine or sewing area.  When you drop pins, or they roll around the area, just run the magnet over the carpet or floor for a quick pick up of loose pins, especially for those hard to see pins.

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Hi, I’m Autumn. Welcome to my blog! I created this website because I have always loved to make things whether it was through crafting, photographing, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, writing. You name it, I’ve tried it! The problem is, I never stick to one thing. I’m constantly jumping from one hobby to another and back again. There are just so many I enjoy that I can’t help but diversify my interests. I hope that by sharing my creativity with you you’ll be inspired to try something new. Maybe you'll find so many things you are interested in that you also become a fickle hobbyist!
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