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Abby’s French Lavender Party

After weeks of designing and planning, Abby’s French Lavender party came and went.  I have to say, things went pretty smoothly.  I was very happy with the end result.

I have to say, it turned out just how I was planning.  I DID abandon the actual lavender after much internal debate.  I figured kids wouldn’t be too keen on the lavender flavored lemonade, and really I wanted to make them happy with the food and drink, so plain lemonade and vanilla and chocolate cupcakes it was.

Here are some pictures of the party.

First was my Amy Atlas inspired dessert table.  I am constantly amazed by Amy’s gorgeous tables and really looked to her for inspiration.  I hope I did her proud.  (who am I kidding?  she’ll never see this.  haha)

(you can click on the image to view it larger)

Here are a few close ups of the details.  This is Abby’s actual silhouette.  I used the same technique I did HERE way back in February.

Of course you’ll remember the Eiffel Tower that I made. Also notice the Old Fashioned Lollipops. (those were a big hit) I used the same mold to make the candy coating white ones.

Here you’ll see the cupcake toppers that I featured in the post HERE.

The cupcakes were for the guests, but Abby got the top cake all to herself.  She was nice enough to share with her sister, though.  (Who ate only the marshmallow fondant and left the chocolate because she “doesn’t like chocolate” this week.)

This was only my second time working with marshmallow fondant, but this time was significantly more simple.  I found a great tutorial video on youtube that had a way easier method than the one I used before.  Perhaps you’ve made it before and you’ve had to knead in the melted marshmallows by hand?  I would highly recommend using the mixer with the dough hook!  I don’t even have a Kitchenaid.  I just used a hand mixer and it worked amazingly well.  My fondant took probably 10-15 minutes to make which is FAR less time spent than doing it by hand.

The “A” on top is just some melted candy coating stuck to two lollipop sticks.  I used a purple pearl dust on the purple fondant and it was SO pretty!

I found some purple cotton candy at Kroger last week and promptly picked it up.  HOWEVER, while it looks ok for about 10 minutes, I would recommend against using cotton candy on the dessert table.  (I think I remember reading on the Amy Atlas blog that she had the same problem)  The cotton candy MELTED into a big sugar blog.  haha  You can see that it’s starting to wilt even in these pictures.  It doesn’t fare well in Houston humidity, even with the AC on full blast.

Right next to the dessert table, we had the drink table set up.  It was arranged on the coffee table which worked out perfectly for the little kids to be able to get their own lemonade.

I have to say, though small, I think the water bottles were my favorite detail.

Although, the straws were pretty cute too.  (they say “quench” in French)

I didn’t take a close up of these cookies on the table, but I had to share.  Did you know you can buy the frosting paper at your local bakery for around $5 a sheet?  I arranged 12 monograms on one sheet and bought the sugar cookies and frosting at the bakery.  Shhh, don’t tell all my secrets!  The baker actually gave me a “messed up” sheet free because the side monograms were cut off, so I got 4 extras.

Abby was SO delighted with her party!  It warmed my heart to know that she really enjoyed herself.

She got to spend the day coloring, making crafts, having a tea party, eating cake, opening presents, and most of all; enjoying the company of some of her best friends.

It was a great day, and SO worth all the planning and preparation!

I recall reading on Amy’s blog in the comments, one lady said something along the lines of “The only reason these tables look so amazing is because of the display materials.  No one can do this on a budget.”  (she means like the vases, etc.)  I am here to say It’s not so!!!

ALL the vases and things you see on the dessert table are from the Goodwill.  The ONLY thing I bought at a non second hand store was the frame holding Abby’s silhouette, and even then it was 50% off at Hob Lob.  I even got the lemonade dispenser at GW for $6!!  So if you think you can’t create a cost efficient dessert table, I just want to say that it just takes some time scouring the shelves (I’ve been collecting these for a couple months) and a little imagination.  I designed and printed all of the decorations too, so it can be done.  Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of work, but if you’re like me (and if you’re reading a blog like mine, chances are you are) you enjoy this type of thing anyway.  Dive in and make it the best party ever!


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Getting There

We’ve been (and by we, I mean me) really busy this week getting all the finishing touches done for Abby’s party. I have just started to assemble the dessert table and thought I’d share it with you. It is nowhere near being finished, but even in the beginning stage I think it’s cute. I just need to add some dimension now.

I’m getting REALLY really excited for the ‘big day’.  I think even if Abby hated the party idea I’d still be looking forward to it (I know, I’m a great mom), but what makes me really happy is that she keeps telling me “You’re the best mommy, you’re making me the prettiest party EVER!  And I LOVE it”.  (Yes, that was me bragging.  I’m allowed.  It’s my blog, remember?)


Eiffel Tower Replica Pt. 1

If you’d like to see the finished product, go HERE

One of the main things I HAD to have for Abby’s French Lavender party was, of course, an Eiffel Tower for her dessert table.  I mean, it just wouldn’t feel complete.  I saw one that was the scale I liked at Hobby Lobby but it was somewhere near $60.  I was thinking that just for a centerpiece that was a bit out of my price range.  I googled it and still didn’t find something that was the right size in the right price range.  So, instead I decided to make it.

Originally I wanted to use metal rods but when I saw that each was $2.50 and I’d have to use 16 just for the base, (for the plan I was making up in my head) I figured that would get pretty pricey.  Instead, I headed over to the wooden dowel section of HD and picked up a bunch of the tiniest sized dowels and 4 slightly bigger ones that I would use for the supports.  After all the “end of the year” parties were over today, I sat down with my trusty glue gun and got to work.  (since this project is still in progress, I’m just going to show you what i have done right now.  I will finish up tonight and post the 2nd half tomorrow.)

Ok, so I didn’t have an actual plan, other than to look at an image of the tower and go from there.


Please keep in mind I didn’t measure anything.  I know that probably drives some of you nuts if you’re looking to replicate, but it’s sort of the way I do things.  First I held the medium sized stick up and eyed the size I liked.  I then cut four of them to the same size.  I hot glued two of them together and held them at an angle I thought appropriate until the glue hardened, and then did the same with the other two.  Then I took those two points and glued them together to make a pyramid top.  With the left over medium sticks that were cut off, I glued around the sides for support.

Now that it was secure I added the smaller sized dowels to the inside of the supports to form the frame.

For the next part, I created the arch at the base of the tower.  Because the dowels are so small, they are pretty flexible and bend easily.  However, they still needed to give a little more for the desired effect.  I decided to soak the rods in water for 10 or 15 minutes before I adhered them to the base so that they would move more freely.  This worked really well.

While they were in the water, I gently coaxed them into the arch that I needed.  Then I dried them off and used clothes pins to hold the ends to the base.

See that piece hanging down inside the arch?  I cut that part right where it meets the arch and glued it right there.  Then I removed the pins and glued the sides.

This is what you are left with.  I added one more row of supports right above the arch, but I haven’t yet taken a photo of that.

The plan for tonight is to make a bunch of Xs on the left and right edge of each side.  Obviously this part is going to take some time, which is why you’re only getting half of this.  When I’m all done, I am going to spray paint it all black.  When I’m finished using it at the party I think I’ll stick it in the girls’ room.  After all, their bedroom is French inspired.  (are you seeing a theme here?)

I’ll be back tomorrow to share the rest!


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