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Word Girl and Huggy Take 2

Halloween has come and gone, and I must say, I was very pleased with the girls’ costumes!  I managed to pull off exactly the look they requested.  Thanks to the fabric store, Goodwill, and some time,  I wrapped up their costume with all the finishing touches.

To finish off their shirts, I used THIS technique to applique the lightning bolt and star pattern on the front.  I did use an iron on backing to make the applique more stable while I zig-zag stitched around it to make it more secure.

At Goodwill I was lucky enough to find  the yellow karate belt both the girls are wearing.  I cut the belt to size and took 4 hooks and sewed them on to make it a nice, snug fit.

For Jocelyn’s cape, I just serged around the edges and put a draw string at the top.

For her “helmet” we decided to go with just a headband instead.  I sewed two little snaps at the base so it would fit snugly on her head.

For her boot covers, I loosely followed THIS tutorial. I used a pair of Mary Janes as the base and fit the covers around them.

I was really surprised to come across these great red shorts at Goodwill.  For $.99 they were the perfect addition.

At the end of the day, the girls were super happy with their costumes.  The best part?  Now that Halloween is over they have an awesome pair of pajamas they can wear whenever they want.  (like tonight)

Word Girl and Captain Huggyface Costume Take 1

I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised it’s taken me this long to get to the girls’ costumes this year.  Usually I’ve had their outfits planned and made or bought by now.  I’m not sure why I’m just now getting them assembled and when we have only 7 days, but that’s where we’re at today.

The girls decided that they wanted to be Word Girl and Captain Huggyface this year.

I thought this was incredibly creative of them.  The deal was sealed, however, when Abby proclaimed “Oh yeah, I’ll be Huggy and I can do this dance!” and proceeded to throw her hands up and do some sort of monkey dance.  It was hilarious. (see 25 seconds into this video to see what I mean)

Not being one to usually just buy a costume off the rack, we set to work yesterday collecting pieces for their outfits.  We tried Goodwill to see if there were any long sleeved shirts and/or matching leggings.  However, we had no luck so we headed to Walmart.  Again, no matching red or blue shirts and pants sets.  Instead I decided to get a set of long johns in white for each girl and dye them.

We grabbed a pack each of Royal Blue and Scarlet Rit Dye.  You’ll also need some salt.

I really wanted the colors to be nice and deep, so I opted for the stove-top method.  Start by soaking your clothes in a warm bath of water.  This assures that all fibers are saturated and the color will be distributed evenly.

On the burner, mix your packet of dye, one cup of salt, water and a tablespoon of laundry detergent.  It says to mix 3 gallons per packet, but I just filled the pot without measuring.  You don’t need a full on rolling boil, but rather a simmer.  When it gets nice and hot, slowly lower the clothes into the dye.

Be sure to continue stirring it to make sure the dye gets into each and every nook and cranny.

It says to keep the clothes in the dye for at least a half hour, more if you want a deeper color.  I thought I’d have to leave them in for a long time, but surprisingly they had great saturation at just a half hour, so I began to rinse them then.

Start rinsing with hot water, and slowly decrease the temp to cool.  Continue to rinse until the water runs clear.  When you’re at that point, throw those puppies in the laundry and wash as normal.

Just look at the color!  Isn’t it great?  I’ll post a “finished” pic when I add the star and lighting bolt.  (stay tuned for part 2)

The other part of the costume I tackled today was Huggy’s helmet.  You may have seen these cool knight helmets at the Dollar Tree…

I randomly picked up a couple of these along with the swords and shields for the girls to play with.  Luckily it came in really handy today!  I took a little hack saw to the face plate and popped out the little thing on the top and got it ready to spray paint.  I didn’t take a photo of it, but at this stage I lightly sanded down the surface with a sanding sponge just so the spray paint had something to adhere to.

I took it outside and gave it a nice coating of a red spray paint specifically made for plastic.

Isn’t it pretty?

For the little …transmitter? on top I took a wooden dowel, made a foil ball, hot glued it to the top of the dowel, and then covered the whole thing with foil.  Thankfully the little hole in the top of the helmet came in really handy.  I dropped a bunch of hot glue around the hole and stuck the dowel in and held it in place until it cooled.  Then, on the inside I applied a VERY liberal dowsing of more hot glue and, just to make it smooth and give it something to stick to,  stuck a big peso on it.  I know it’s random, but it worked great.

I’m really happy with the outcome!  Abby rather liked it too.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the costumes with the belts, the appliques, the cape, tail, and the “boots”.  We were fortunate enough to find some red elbow length gloves at Walmart, so that made that part easy.  I can’t wait to see how it all pulls together.  They’re going to look so cute!


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